Gooper Swim

Swimwear with our built-in Self-Sealing Magnetic Waterproof Pockets 

Gooper's Dry Pocket saves the day

So you are at the beach or the pool or enjoying your favorite water sports activity and you need your car keys or phone with you just because you can't figure out where to leave them safe and secure - This is where we can help !

We took our patented magnetic technology one step further and instead of providing you with a dry bag to put your stuff inside and carry with you, we created a dry pocket that is already sewn into your new swimwear/board shorts and is large enough to hold both keys & phone.


It is 100% waterproof and easy to use and we guarantee it will last for years and keep it's contents dry each and every time.

Features, options & great deals

  • Is the pocket difficult to use? All our products are Self -Sealing so in fact you don't need to close the pocket or do anything. It closes automatically when you let go. Its as easy as open - insert - just let go.

  • Is it totally waterproof or just "splash proof"? Totally waterproof as are all our products. Rest assure - we have you covered.

  • How deep can I go? - As deep as you want. We certify all our products to 300 Meters !!! not that you plan on getting there - but, Just in Case.

  • Materials - The pockets are made of biodegradable black "non-stick" TPU and the shorts are 100% polyester and can be made with recycled plastic bottles for an additional small cost.

  • Warranty - Sure. A full 5 year warranty on our pockets.

  •  OEM/Private label  - Absolutely. We welcome and encourage private labeling and co-branding and you can chose your own design and fabric.

  • Pocket location options - Our standard designs include a large side pocket at a 45 degree angle and a back small pocket . Custom designs are possible.

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